Johnnie Cochran Quotes

This is an affront to jurors everywhere, particularly this jury. Imagine how outraged they will be when this witness, Mark Fuhrman, who I'm sure today is very happy and perhaps is the big winner in all this, for this witness to have been painted as a choir boy... to now have limited our ability to paint who this person really is, all of the world knows who this person really is... but now our jury won't. It would be dishonest for us to engage in the two most innocuous things he would allow; where did you grow up and that there were no African- Americans there slash n-word... the most innocuous areas and he leaves everything else out. That is misleading this jury. It's dishonest and we don't want any part of that. It is absolutely outrageous for us to have to endure this at this point. O.J. Simpson is a man who has been wrongfully accused and we think, framed. And the cover-up continues. We think the defense is winning this case.
- Johnnie Cochran


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